Experts’ Comments

“I introduced David to speak at our annual conference as The man who figured out your
secret ingredient; turned out, it was everyone else’s, as well. Then I likened his Coloring
Book approach to the old BASF commercial: he doesn’t do sales, leadership, teamwork,
or any other kind of training; he makes whatever training people have gotten, WORK
—Rick J. Gallegos,
CEO, Dale Carnegie Training Tampa Bay


“What I found especially intriguing about David’s blog for our Innovation Center is the
way the posts continually demonstrate that the same process that works in business makes
us more effective in coping with the many practical matters, with which life confronts us.
The posts reveal that our ability to be innovative depends as much on our command of
language as accomplishing tasks in engineering and the natural sciences relies on our
mathematical skills. Since many of his references are to analogies drawn from athletics,
why not consider reading them as a Warm-Up exercise to start the day, stretching your
mind the way you stretch your muscles before working out, or practicing the skills
involved before playing a sport.”

—Manuel London, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Business and Professor of Management
         State University of New York at Stony Brook


“David’s program is truly A Microsoft of the Mind. It will enable you to access and use
what you know the way computers do, and how to apply that information to every facet
of work and life.”
—Larry Cantrell,
Robertson County Alternative Program


“David’s approach to training lets the consultant-guru’s cat out of the bag by suggesting
persuasively that what is important is understanding how people observe and
communicate what they do. The fulcrum of David’s work is narrative structure. The
methods of Plato, Dickens, Blake, and others become exemplars of getting in touch with

—John Clemens, retired professor, Hartwick College,
Co-Author: The Classic Touch, and The Timeless Leader


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