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Why Read ANYTHING Without Learning How to Learn FIRST
From How Every Expert Observes and Responds to Information
The Same Way in Everything They Write and Say?

10,000 sales meeting every day, someone mentions that Stories Sell. Even more times, therapists tell patients to describe their situation as one. That's like telling people who worry too much, not to worry about it. The more pieces of a puzzle are missing, the harder it Is for anyone to get the picture. The more obvious things are, like settings or time frames, the more easily they're overlooked.

Anyone can cook, garden, even act and play an instrument; doing them a certain way makes all the difference. Using the right anecdotes and analogies at the right time in the right amounts, focusing on the right components, with the right tone of voice, tempo, and pitch takes as much skill as being a chef, horticulturalist, musician, or actor. You may not get applauds, BUT you WILL get a LOT better, and KEEP getting better, the more you read this book and use what you learn from it. You are used to incremental learning, one piece at a time. This book provides accelerated learning because... Everything Is Connected IN it, the way everything is in REALITY, and shows you how to do that, yourself!

How can someone build relationships, who can't relate the subject at hand to what the listener relates to? Communicating and Learning work hand in hand like breathing in and out. Once you start showing people what they don't understand in terms of what they already know, you also recognize in a heartbeat how what you don't understand is similar to what you already know. That is REALLY knowing how to learn, not any of the mnemonics gimmicks.

1/3 of students don't even graduate high school; 50% in most cities like New York; 70% in some like Houston. Billions are spent on tutoring that just gets past the next lesson. No one gets a single lesson in how to learn their whole lives.

I asked a second grade class having difficulty with sentence fill-ins, what it looked like, which they'd done at home 100 times for fun. Words at the top of a page and blank spaces in sentences is a puzzle with words. Who hasn't thought a puzzle piece fit, only to find that the colors in the empty space didn't match? Words likewise have two features: literal and figurative meanings. They not only learned how to do sentence fill-ins, but LEARN EVERYTHING ELSE THAT WAY for the rest of their lives.

More of our well-being in every facet of life depends on learning, comment by comment in conversation, and communicating than anything else, yet people spend countless hours learning golf, tennis, dance, and working out in gyms, but not 10 minutes a day on this. Open up some sample pages. See if you don't learn something right away that will make all the difference in how you live and work

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