The Man Who Saw

The Lesson Within The Lessons

David Myers is passionate about helping EVERYONE discover how to relate to EVERYONE better, including themselves! From prestigious business conferences to 2000 first grade to PhD classrooms, he has delivered his unique message —The Lesson Within The Lessons: how everything you read is formulated—to thousands. That key skill fits all the pieces around and inside you together, improving what you get out of everything you read and do, even how you sound. He is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley and received his masters at Stony Brook University.

David has spoken on various approaches to Life as a Reading Comprehension Test, at what was then known as the Institute for Rational Emotive Therapy, and prestigious business conferences like Dale Carnegie and the National Federation of Independent Business because his background was teaching literature, David noticed The Uniform Structure of Information that every speaker used. The farther he researched to see if anyone were teaching THAT, the more evident it became that this one similarity in every article and book is The Key Skill of All Skills.

While editing a theatre magazine, David interviewed luminaries throughout the arts on their common bonds, which is why the muses are spoken of as sisters. David uses how music and visual art work similarly to written information, to make learning and communicating verbally easier to understand. When he asked David Amram, widely billed as the foremost living American composer, if any of the "juice" in their interview were already in print anywhere, Amram said he brings out the best in him. This book will do that for YOU, as well.

David became a member of the National Federation of Independent Business Hall of Fame by using that skill with every kind of business owner: everything is like a garden, a meal, a boat, a cabinet, a catalog, etc. That opened up how learning about their problems and communicating his solutions was like every math lesson they ever learned - using constants to eliminate unknowns. EVERYTHING is connected.

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