Everything Is Only Connected for YOU

And you are connected to IT-IF you have the tools and skills to connect what isn't understood with what is known: making the right connections at the right times, focused on the right parts of what is similar in the matter at hand to others like it.

This reference book for life helps make everything you read and do, work better. It shows you how to acquire, use, and master the life comprehension and transformation skills that experts possess, from the way every magazine article and book is written, which manifests how they think. And then adding more and more pieces of that puzzle together, using them in ever new ways, the more you understand and use the process. They seem to write brilliantly because they have brilliant ideas, when it's the opposite: the process they use brings those ideas to mind for them, the way children fill in spaces outlined in a coloring book to create a picture: a Coloring Book for Thinking.

Learning how to learn is transformational in personal and professional life. It impacts your work and home life regardless of your age, education, or career. Other experts connect the dots for you as they deliver their advice. But there is limited understanding of how to apply the process they use to your own life and communicate better with it. This guide shows you HOW to observe and respond to events the way they do. If you can't put 2 and 2 together, nothing much else adds up. The 10 Lessons provide direct applications to every facet of life. Each influences the others, so your improvement is accelerated.

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We learn from Kindergarten through graduate school to identify everything according to common characteristics. Since constantly using illustrative anecdotes and analogies to show people what they don't understand in perspective with what they already know, is the one Common Bond between every expert, that is obviously The Key Skill of All Skills to Learn, not the varying advice of each expert. Learning HOW they think-The Lesson WITHIN the Lessons-is more important than learning WHAT they think.

Sound and Sense work hand in hand.The musicality inherent in words evoke their Emotional Significance, without which you and listeners can't Process Information. Have you ever gotten a single lesson in vocalization, much less how to learn? Improve the way you SOUND the way musicians and actors do.

Surprise, Surprise: what enables people to learn better, prevents them from forgetting what they know. The Nuns Diary Study proved that the use of anecdotes and analogies is the sole safeguard against Alzheimer's.

Take the journey. Unlock the mystery of how to learn and communicate like the experts. Discover and put the pieces of your puzzle together. This process will create opportunity for you to get more and more out of every aspect of your life, continually improving how you use the process and do everything else with it.


About This Book: How It Will Help

All the World Really IS A Stage, meaning ...
Every moment is a dramatic event, so...
LIFE  Is A Reading Comprehension Test

"People don't talk about what they see; they see only what they can communicate."
(Chris Argyris, in The Fifth Disciple Fieldbook)

Math uses constants to eliminate unknowns.
What no one showed you in school is how language works similarly, with anecdotes and analogies relating to the matter at hand.
Every magazine article and book constantly uses them, showing you what you don't understand in perspective with what you already know.

Clinical research has proven that people retain and USE information better that way.
Field research has proven that people at every level are more productive
who talk and write with illustrative anecdotes and analogies.

It should be no surprise that the same process also prevents you from forgetting
what you know eventually, all genetics being equal.

A neuroscientist, who was involved in the Nuns Diary Study, said she can tell from someone's
writing at 17 what their brain will look like at 70 better than from a brain scan then.
If someone's very brain deteriorates from not using anecdotes and analogies,
don't you wonder how the rest of their life was affected by neglecting to use them?

EVERYTHING Is Connected...


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About Me & Why This Book Is Unique

Because David originally taught literature after graduating Berkeley, he was struck by what he calls The Uniform Structure of Information in conference talks, magazines and books of all kinds, different as their advice and other content on the surface may be. Since THAT is their one common characteristic, that is obviously The Key Skill of All Skills to learn, The Question that no other expert ever raised is HOW can people USE their advice, who lack this one skill, without which THEY couldn’t explain it, and would never even have THOUGHT of it! David has subsequently taught people of every age with every level of ability, how to use The Uniform Structure of Information as easily as filling in coloring book pages: a Coloring Book for Thinking, using what they already know to understand what they don’t. This improves their ability to retain and use ANY kind of information, and their awareness of their emotions and aspirations, as well.

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